Alliance Security

Alliance and the General Services Administration


Alliance was originally awarded our first federal contract in 1995 for the Federal Building in Augusta, Maine. At that time, the contract was set aside for small business and awarded to Alliance.

After the devastating Oklahoma City bombing, immediate increased security needs were necessary. After a short period of time GSA felt the need to consolidate the New England Region into one contract. GSA awarded the New England Region Contract to MVM. Alliance was then chosen by MVM to be the designated sub contractor due to our small business status as well as being women owned.

Since that time, Alliance has been awarded government contracts at The John F. Kennedy Library in Boston and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Winchester, Massachusetts. In addition, Alliance was also awarded the status to be placed on the "Schedule for Government Contracts".

Alliance is currently licensed and doing business on Homeland Security locations in the States of Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Conn. & New Hampshire


Alliance has several accounts that require Governmental clearances. Alliance presently has been approved for a "Secret Clearance". Our GSA numbers are as follows:

******* Cage Code # 1FPP6 *******

******* GSA # GS-07F-0417M *******

If you have any questions about our GSA services, or for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please visit our Contacts for details.